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"On-Line Store" Coming 10th November

Vacuum technologies is launching is new On-Line store on the 10th November. Here you will be able to browse our comprehensive range of products, view the PDF data sheets, price and stock...then simply BUY directly through the store.

Our store will provide technical & stock information for each product and you will be able to purchase all of our products available directly from the store:

Vacuum Cups - A huge selection of flat type or bellows type suction cups in varying sizes and materials

Vacuum Compensators / Cup Holders - used for pick and place systems from a stack or unevaven load. We have over 300 products in this category so be sure to choose the correct item for your application

Vacuum Control Equipment - This section includes a vast range of vacuum gauges and vacuum regulators as well as a range of vacuum switches both analog and digital to ensure the correct item is available for your needs

Vacuum Valves - 2-way & 3-way vacuum valves with standard voltage (various V and AC or DC) 2 - way solenoid vacuum valves for specific applications such as packaging machines for fast repatable actions. 3- way valves with low power adsorption coils. 3-way vacuum valves with eaither servo assited or direct acting up to 3" ports.

Please note that all our Vacuum valves are not derivitives of pneumatic solenoid valves but specifically designed for the use with vacuum and are "Full Bore".

Vacuum Filters - Vacuum filters for vacuum pump, in-line filtration, heavy dust contamination and even for water remeval.

Vacuum Hose & Fittings - many people select the incorrect type of hose or fittings for use with vacuum. We can provide a host of fittings and vacuum rated tubing and hose from 3mm upto 3".

Vacuum Pumps - There are may types of vacuum pumps on the market and careful selection is critical for an efficient and reliable system. We can provide a range of vacuum pumps such as Rotary Vane type both lubricated and dry running vacuum pumps as well as vacuum pump sets with a multiple of pumps and automatic control built in. We can even provide a full range of variable speed drive vacuum pumps (avauilable upon request).

Vacuum Generators The range of Vuototecnica vacuum generators comprises of some of the most air efficient on the market today. Vacuum generators (venturi) are available as wells as single in-line vacuum generators for POU applications.

The Vuototecnica range even cosnsists of venturi pump sets which have an incorporated pneumatic control to operate the generator in line with the demand for vacuum, thus saving huge amouts of compressed air and of course money/enegry.

Vacuum Lifting - Vacuum lifting is an art and often can be applied incorrectly. Vuototecnica boasts one of the largest vacuum product ranges anywhere in the world and can precisley select the correct products to perform your vacuum lift. The vacuum Octopus Systems as available for sack lifting, palletising, fast pick & place systems and can vitually lift anything which can be lifted with vacuum.

Vacuum De-Gassing Sets - We have a range of vacuum de-gassing and vacuum test units for testing the intergity of vacuum packaging or removing oxygen from casts or mould in controlled conditions.

So whatever your vacuum needs please be sure to visit our vacuum store. We will be updating our products over the next 3 months.

For more information please call 01908 227892 or email

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