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ENERGY SAVING - Vacuum Pump Set

Vacuum Pumps often get over looked when it comes to saving energy or even operating them efficiently. Many vacuum pump run continuously even when vacuum is not required.

Vacuum Pump Set- Duty/Standby

Vacuum is not like compressed air with a constant flow being produced at several bag pressure. Air compressors come on/off load according to the demand.

Vacuum is often misunderstood and pumps are left running. Vacuum is "evacuation of a space or volume". In most applications, when a vacuum level has been achieved the actual flow why does the pump need to keep running???...maybe to keep up with leaks ??

Pump Set with Virtical Vacuum Tank

Example: a 4 kw vacuum pump running for 6,000 hours p/ cost approx. £2,000 to run. By allowing the pump to run continuously for this period will result in 2 x services being required which could add another £1,600.00 p/a.

If the vacuum pump was to operate in line with the actual vacuum demand for bot flow and pressure this could reduce these costs by 50%. whilst also prolonging the life of your vacuum pump.

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