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Vacuum Generator or Pneumatic Generators as an excellent, maintenance free option to conventional electric vacuum pumps.

BEWARE, vacuum generators are more expensive to operate (m3 / kW) than a common electric vacuum pump and if incorrectly selected or installed the capital and maintenance savings are lost very quickly due to the high compressed air demand resulting in a high energy usage.

Vuototecnica manufacture some of the most efficient vacuum generators on the market today and the range consists of small direct mounted units to large tank mounted vacuum generator pump sets for high vacuum flows

The PVP series of vacuum generators incorporate stainless steel ejectors for long service life and reliability.

Some generators on the market today have removable venturi units for ease of maintenance. Vuototecnica believe that a venturi should be reliable in operation without the need to be replaced when performance drops off as a result of wear. With stainless steel ejectors and a strong anodised aluminium body, Vuototecnica provide a 5 year materials warranty and also print on the side of each unit the performance figures........and stand by them!!!

The PVP-MDX series like the PVP- MX offers the best air to vacuum flow ratio available for this common mid-range sized unit

Both Units are available with an added "Energy Saving Device" to further improve their efficiency. The Energy device is a pneumatically controlled pressure and air cut off switch which operated the generator to the demand for vacuum at a desired pressure, when the required vacuum perimeters have been reached the air is switched off. This relates as required reducing the possible air consumption by up to 50% in normal operation

The M Series incorporate all the advantages and benefits of the MDX and MX generators and provide a high flow of vacuum up to 600 m3/h flow and a final vacuum of 90%.

Efficient, Strong & Reliable....... you cannot go wrong with the Vuototecnica range of vacuum generators.

The DOP Tank mounted generators are an ideal alternative to a centralised electric pump as they provide a high flow, low maintenance option whilst being an efficient generator compared to most on the market. With the energy saving pneumatic control already fitted as standard this will operate on/off in direct relation to the demand and the vacuum tank will compensate for the fluctuation ind flow or line pressure.

Whatever your vacuum requirement, you should always compare the operating cost of a vacuum generator vs. the purchase cost .

For a clear and honest comparison please call Vacuum Technologies Ltd on tel 01908 227892 or email

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