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Vacuum Generators - Vuototecnica Pump Set

Many users are recognising the benefits of changing from conventional electric vacuum pumps to pneumatic vacuum pumps or know as vacuum venturi pumps or vacuum generators.

There are many options of vacuum generators on the market from single-stage to multi-stage, cartridge type to stainless steel. The fact remains with all that if installed or applied incorrectly a vacuum generator will cost you more to operate in the long run.

Our vacuum partner VUOTOTECNICA, manufacture some of the most efficient vacuum generators in the market today. Manufactured from strong and durable anodised aluminium with stainless steel ejectors enables VUOTOTECNICA to confidently offer a 5 year materials guarantee.

Vuototecnica also provide a comprehensive range of additional energy saving options for their vacuum generator to further your cost savings and for all applications.

PVP with energy saving device - save up to 50% energy compared to normal operation by switching the air on/off in direct relation to the vacuum demand.

Energy Saving Kit for PVP-MDX Vacuum Generators

Energy Saving Kit comprises of a pneumatic air shuttle valve, membrane check valve & pressure switch.

When the required vacuum pressure is reached the air will pneumatically be switch off saving energy

DOP Vacuum Generator Pump Set

DOP Pump Sets - These can be used to replace centralised vacuum pumps as they provide high flow option with delicate control.

Small - 6-20 ltrs Vacuum vessel DOP Unit

The DOP units are vacuum generators mounted onto a vacuum storage tank to accommodate high flow or peak demands without sacrificing the set vacuum pressures

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