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FULL BORE _ Quality Vacuum Valves

When using a solenoid valve for vacuum it is important to select a FULL BORE valve to avoid reduced flow and pressures within your application.

Vacuum technologies support the VUOTOTECNICA range of valves specifically manufactured for vacuum and all with full bore capacities up to 3" ports.

Robust, Reliable and fast acting. The Vuototecnica range of vacuum valves are unparalleled

in the market today.

There is a valve for all applications such as:

3 way servo valves
  • 2 way & 3 way direct acting

  • 2 way valves for fast acting packaging machinery

  • 3 way servo operated

  • 3 way dual solenoid (bi stable)

  • Low impulse valves for PC operation


All valves are manufactured from high grade anodised aluminium and offer a 5 year materials guarantee.

All valves are available in 12, 110, 24 V AC/DC coil variations

For more information on vacuum valves please call 01908 227892 or


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