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For information on any of the items or articles listed please contact Vacuum Technologies on tel 01908 227892 or email sales@vacuum

Other News

Vacuum Technologies (part of the Industrial Facilities group IFL) will be creating a new extension to its website with an e commerce platform to search and purchase the complete range of vacuum equipment available.

Our vacuum supply partners VUOTOTECNICA have grown their business and product portfolio considerably over the past 5 years and are at the forefront of vacuum application technology.

Our vast range of products include:

  • Vacuum Cups

  • Vacuum Cup Holder / Compensators

  • Vacuum Instrumentation and Control

  • Vacuum Valves (up to 3" full bore ports)

  • Vacuum Filters / Separators

  • Vacuum Hose, Tubing & Fittings

  • Vacuum Pumps & Vacuum Pump Sets

  • Vacuum Generators / Pneumatic Venturi Pumps

  • Vacuum Lifting / Vacuum Girpping

  • Vacuum for Printing Industry

  • Special Bespoke vacuum products

And much much more !!!.

Vacuum Technologies also provide a full range of services such as:

Vacuum Pump / System Servicing

Vacuum System design & Installation

Vacuum Pipe - Plastic, Aluminium & St Steel

2D & 3D CAD design

Please call us on tel 01908 227892 or email Jonathan at

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