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Save Compressed Air with "ES -Energy Saving Device"

Compressed air widely used to operate vacuum generators as pneumatic vacuum pumps are considered cleaner and simpler to use. Some companies even state they save energy but few suppliers provide the correct or honest air consumption to their customers.

Energy Saving Kit

Compressed air is an expensive utility and should be used correctly as the application requires rather than continuously, a common practice with a vacuum generator.

Turning the air on and off when vacuum is used or not is not necessarily the most effective way to operate a vacuum generator as it is the vacuum pressure which determines the vacuum force and when reached can be controlled accordingly thus only using the compressed air required for the operation/application.

Vacuum Pump Set with energy saving venturi

Vuototecnica have introduced the "ES" Energy Saving device which can be set to switch the compressed air off/off when the desired vacuum pressure has been achieved.

In normal operation this could reduce the compressed air usage by up to 50% vs conventional methods of operation.

For more information regarding the ES device and how Vacuum technologies can save your company money please contact us on tel: 01908 227892 or email

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