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What our customers say about "Vacuum Technologies"

It is important to Vacuum Technologies to understand how our customer view our service an capabilities. Here are just a few recent comments:

"David from Milton Keynes" We have been using Vacuum Technologies (formally Vuototecnica UK) for our vacuum equipment supply. In the past we would often shop around for the best price and fast realised that vacuum applications can be critical to production and that cheaper is not always best...even when our customers request it.

Vacuum Technologies have a wealth of application experience and unlike other vacuum companies they look at the application rather than just to provide a "like for like" product. The result for our customers has been very positive as we not only provide them an excellent and knowledgeable service but have access to one of the best and biggest ranges of vacuum equipment in Europe.

Products used: Vacuum Pump, suction cups and vacuum lifting applications

"Chris from South Wales" We have used Vuototecnica products for many years for some very unique applications. We needed the correct advice to which we have been amazed at the depth of knowledge from Jonathan and his team. Vacuum has always been regarded as some kind of "Black Magic" with many vacuum supply companies not fully understanding the products they supply let alone the application. This has not been our experience with Vacuum Technologies & Vuototecnica as they are our number one supplier and support for vacuum to our Blue Chip customer base.

Products used: vacuum pumps, vacuum separators, vacuum systems & system installations

At Vacuum Technologies, it is important on how we perform and especially when we are representing our customers customers.

Our product partners, Vuototecnica provide us with the absolute best machinery and technical support available in the market today. This together with our 20 years of industrial application experience ensures our customer receive the best service with the correct advice and the right equipment for the job.

For more information on Vacuum Technologies & Vuototecnica please call Jonathan today on tel: +44 (0)1908 227892 or email

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