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NEW - LP (low pressure) vacuum generator from VUOTOTECNICA

VUOTOTECNICA have lunched a new range of LP (low inlet pressure) vacuum generators which can operated from inlet pressures from as low as 1 barg without compromising on efficient flow or final vacuum pressure.

The new LP versions are available across their already comprehensive range form the very small single stage to the PVP 600 multi stage units.

SAVINGS - UP TO 40% vs conventional vacuum generators operating at 6 barg

In addition to these new ultra-energy efficient products, VUOTOTECNICA have also introduced a new range of energy saving devices specifically designed to regulate the inlet flow to the generators in relation to the precised vacuum demand.

These can be retrofitted to existing vacuum generators to maximise further energy reductions


For more information please call us on tel +44 (0) 1908 227892

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