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VACUUM is a very common application but is rarely understood as a technology. Vacuum Technologies

only specialise in vacuum applications and fully understands vacuum and how to apply the correct products 

Vacuum Technologies and our supply partner, VUOTOTECNICA enable us to provide the most comprehensive range of products and services available from a single source.

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Our Products Include: 

  • Vacuum / Suction Cups - A selection of Flat & Bellows Cups from 4 mm up to 350 mm in diameter made available in various compounds to suit every application

  • Vacuum Pumps - Rotary Vane, Variable Speed, Liquid Ring......Whatever your application Vacuum Technologies has a solution. We can advise on the best pump for your applications and provide a 1st class after sales service to ensure a reliable operation.

  • Vacuum Valves - 2-way & 3-way, Servo assisted or direct acting. The VUOTOTECNICA range of vacuum valves complement every application and are all "FULL BORE" rates as vacuum valves should be. Available from 1/4" up to 3" port sizes.

  • Vacuum Filters - Filtration in vacuum has to be selected correctly to ensure you maintain a clean system without compromising flow or vacuum pressure. We offer a full range of filters for dust & liquid contamination to protect the vacuum system.

  • Vacuum Hose & Fittings - Flexible hose and a complement of fitting including rapid type and hose tails all perfectly suited to vacuum.

  • Vacuum Control & Regulation - The ability to control the vacuum flow & pressure of a system will heap rewards in efficiency and reliability. We have a full range of vacuum regulators, gauges & vacuum switches for total control of your system.

  • Vacuum Generators - Vacuum generator (pneumatic venturi) can offer great savings over conventional electric pumps and provide a clean and reliable vacuum supply. However, it is important to understand how they operate and what the ACTUAL: cost of operation is. Pneumatic generators used are totally in efficient and cost 2-3 times more to run that an electric pump. VUOTOTECNICA manufacture the most energy efficient generators on the market today and we can advise on the best solution for your application.

  • Vacuum Lifting - Vacuum lifting is an art form if to be done correctly. We can provide a full bespoke system (VUOTOTECNICA - Octopus ). The Octopus System is the Ultimate in vacuum lifting and is available in standard form or can be precisely tailored for your vacuum lifting needs.



Alternatively you visit the main VUOTOTECNICA site by visiting

Services - In addition to all of the above Vacuum Technologies provide a full complement of services to support your vacuum system.

  • We can service nearly ALL manufacture of vacuum pumps

  • We can provide the best advice to meet your specific needs

  • We can design & install complete vacuum systems

  • We can reduce your energy and increase efficiency in vacuum systems.

We have over 4,000 products and if you cannot see what you need from the above please call us now or for more information on how Vacuum Technologies can help, please contact today on tel: 01908 227892 or email

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Ball Vlabes for vacuum
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Vacuum tube fittings
Vacuum Hose Tails
Vacuum Couplings
Vacuum Pressure switches
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