Nitrogen Membrane Technolgy

Nitrogen Production from 90% to 99% Gas Purity

Nitrogen Membrane technolgy provide a cost effective alternative to bottled nitrogen gas where the actual gas purity (oxygen content) is between 1% and 10% oxygen.


The membrane technology ustilises high pressure (13 barg) compressed air to provide a constant supply of Nitrogen at a specified flow and quality.

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About Us


Vacuum Technologies are market leaders for specifying, supplying and installation of Vacuum equipment and are supply partners for Vuototecnica across the UK & Irish markets

Vuototecnica are renowned for quality and performance and provide a complete solution approach to business and have been at the forefront of vacuum technology as a manufacturer for over 40 years. This combined with Vacuum Technologies  30 years Industrial application know-how makes OUR expertise second to none.

Vacuum Technologies is part of the Industrial Facilities Group of Companies which consists

of independent trading companies specialising in the following markets categories:

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Compressed Air Traders Limited - Established since 1999 and based in Milton Keynes for sales and service of all things compressed air

Air2Gas is a trading division of Industrial Facilities and specialise in On-Site generation of Nitrogen & Oxygen utilising PSA & Membrane Technologies

Forvac Services Limited - Established since 1997 and based in Scunthorpe. Forvac are manufacturers of Industrial Vacuum recalmation units. - Air & Vacuum Services is the industrial Compressed Air & vacuum division of Forvac Services servicing local business in Lincolnshire -

Almig Compressors - Air Compressors from 2 up-to 5,000 cfm with fixed or variable speed option as well as Lubricated and Oil Free (Class "0")

Vuototecnica Srl - Established since 1976 and based in the Lecco region of Italy, Vuototecnica manufacture the most comprehensive range of vacuum equipment in the world. Vacuum Technologies (formally VUOTOTECNICA UK) have been supporting the UK business for over 8 years.

Isolcell - Based in North Italy manufacture a range of Gas Generation and Modified Atmosphere products and are leading manufacturers in their field of application

All equipment suppliers  have been carefully selected and represent the best in their field of application which enables Vacuum Technologies and associated companies to provide the best equipment for your application.


For more information please call us now on: Tel: +44 (0)1908 227892 or email:

ALMiG Compressors

.5kw to 500kW Piston, Screw & Turbo Compressors


CA Traders have been main agents for ALMiG Air Compressors for a number of years with dedicated Compressor division Compressed Air Traders.(


This ensures that with each gas generation project we can provide a cost effective and efficient solution for every application. ALMiG have been manufacturing air compressors since 1923 and are a world leader in compressor design and technology.

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Nitrogen & Oxygen PSA

(PSA) Pressure Swing Adsorption


PSA On-Site generators can produce a higher gas purity than a membrane system and when producing Nitrogen can provide up to 99.995% gas purity.

This makes the PSA unit an ideal solution to replace bottled or Cryogenic liquid gas for self, On-Site gas Generation with the potential to save £0,000's in the process

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Industrial Vacuum Extraction

Forvac Limited - UK Manufacturers

The technicalities of selecting the correct system for your application requires excellent understanding. Forvac are UK manufacturers of equipment and are at the forefront of efficiency.

They can manufacture Diesel, electric, static or portable units of varying power outputs to handle all products wet or dry.

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Vacuum Products



Vuototecnica are the best in the market as they are Vacuum Engineers rather than a commercial sales organisation. All products are manufactured to provide an efficient and reliable solution for all applications

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